Getting A/B testing platform redesign back on track

Role: UX Manager, Interim Lead Product Designer

This is the story of how I re-established trust in UX, hired a great-fit designer in half the time, and helped reduce test creation time by 56%. 

Reducing reliance on product owners to find data. 

Role: UX Manager

This is the story of how I guided a strategic pivot resulting in $27M labor cost savings, a 175% reduction in onboarding time, and a 530 % reduction in Time To Insights.  


Reducing creation time of referee eligibility requirements by 5000%

Role: Lead UX Designer & Researcher

Over the years, many products for various different personas had been built, causing a disjointed user experience. Performance problems were rearing their ugly head, usability had been neglected for too long, and as a result churn was starting to occur.


• Reduce churn & increase renewals.
• Increase # of processed payments.
• Set a new bar for usability.


I spent time understanding our current product, users, and their pain points. I brought stakeholders from across the company into my process. I conducted contextual inquiry to learn from users in their environment. I did an content-inventory of our current product and a card-sorting study to test my ideas. Once designs started to materialize I tested them with usability testing and 6 Thinking Hats feedback session with some key clients. 


• 50x reduction in eligibility requirements setup time
• 25x reduction in registration setup time
• Solidified client relationships with 1200+ schools and 11 state associations
• Landed the 2nd biggest deal in company history.  



Increasing same-day tows by 28% through mobile app redesign

Role: UX Manager, Lead UX Designer & Researcher

Sync & performance issues, painful usability, high task completion time 

Stakeholder interviews, data analysis, IA mapping, proto personas, affinity diagrams, contextual observation, user interviews, concept sketches, wireflows, high fidelity mockups, usability testing. 

Only sync information drivers need, all towing types in one list, geo-tagging, consistent workflow for all jobs, interactive photos & damage reporting, mobile payments, eliminate time consuming inventory. 

• 15x reduction in down time (performance)
• 12x reduction in task completion time (drastic improvement in both usability & safety)
• 28% increase in same-day tows. 

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