People-centered, Objective-driven Leadership

My personal philosophy on life and business is that if you treat all the people around you as people with hopes and dreams of their own just as valid and important as yours (instead of as objects that stand in the way of your success) and genuinely look for ways to help them achieve the results they are seeking, you will also achieve the results you are seeking in the process. 

The same concept applies in leadership. I have found that it is through transparency, accountability, teamwork, and ownership that winning teams are created and maintained. I hire top talent, give them the tools, guidance, & training they need to succeed, and then stay out of their way. I also only hire people that have a Founder’s Mentality so that they are motivated to make decisions and achieve results through their own ingenuity. All I have to do then is point them in the right direction, clearly defining the objective and key results I want to see then allow them the flexibility to achieve that objective/results however they see fit. I set clear expectations and hold the team (and myself) to them. I expect everyone to play at the top of their game, but do not tolerate 'superstars, gurus, or rockstars'.

This is the only true way to create a culture of innovation that is scalable.

Principles I Design & Lead By

In order to facilitate transparency and set clear expectations, I have created 18 Design & Leadership Principles that I hold myself and my teams to. It is through these principles that the standard is set by which we measure our progress. I have found in my career that when these 18 things are being done, consistent innovation and  engaging culture follow. 



Comfort is the enemy of greatness.

Great solutions have a shelf life. I always ask ‘why’ and challenge myself to constantly learn & take my game to the next level.

I am not the user.

I never assume that I am the user. I test and validate assumptions with actual users. They are the ‘experts’.

I yearn to learn.

There is always more to learn. I will never stop seeking knowledge and developing new skills.



Design is a team sport.

My team works collaboratively and doesn’t tolerate superstars. Everyone has a voice and is accountable for the results.

Experiments, not debates lead to successful products.

I build experiments and ‘get out of the building’ with them. I value validating multiple ideas over debating assumptions.

Success = improved outcomes, not increased output.

I measure progress in outcomes rather than output, and deliver problems to be solved to my team rather than solutions to be implemented.



I fall in the love with solving the problem, not a particular solution. 

No one ever gets design right the first time. I explore multiple ideas before choosing a direction. I also understand that 'not now' doesn't mean 'not ever'. 

I deliver relevant, custom-fit, context-aware solutions. 

I push & empower teams and myself to create solutions that match our users, our business, and our brand promise rather than copying others’ work.

I build skateboards, not car frames. 

I push teams to release small-batch-size solutions often, rather than working for months on the ‘perfect’ solution before delivering value to customers. 



Everything is my job. 

No one is above anything. We all do whatever is necessary to ship products that improve our users’ lives.

I embrace the "Founder Mindset".

I am invested in helping the company succeed just as much as if I were it’s founder. I focus, understand the business and solve problems without being asked.

Design is hard work.

Creative problem-solving is not for the faint of heart. I put in the work necessary to get the job done and take accountability for my results. No two designers approach the same problem the same way, and I respect that. What is important is the result, not the journey. 



Ownership, not leashes leads to innovative cultures and products. 

I hire those I trust, and trust those I hire. I create a culture of empowerment and accountability. I coach, but don’t mandate or micro-manage. 

I skate to where the puck will be.

I treat team members as if they already posses the attributes I want them to develop. This allows everyone to grow and realize their true potential.

My teams are respectful and confident, not delicate. 

Breakthroughs happen when the team takes risks, trusts their instincts and speaks their mind – not when they tiptoe around each other.



I constantly sharpen the saw. 

A sharp saw gets dull over time. Creatives are no different. I create a culture where taking time off to recharge is expected not just tolerated.

I experience great design. 

I expect my teams to seek out and experience great design so we all understand where the bar is that we need to surpass to create the future. 

I work smart. 

True success is working smarter, not longer. I value prioritization, focus, and time management.

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